At CLARA, we make an impact by supporting, learning from and informing civil society organizations; interacting with and inputting into policy negotiations; and communicating with political leaders, to make sure that our messages and the work that CLARA members are doing sustain and strengthen real-world climate action. CLARA member organizations work both individually and together to make a difference.


Climate Action Summit Submissions (2019)

CLARA members recently provided submissions for consideration within the Nature Based Solutions workstream at the New York Climate Action Summit, which will take place in September 2019.

These submissions showcase real-world examples of ambitious and transformative climate action which benefits communities and nature through initiatives pertaining to, for example, agroforestry, community forest management, alternative agricultural systems and re-wilding.

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Talanoa Dialogue Submission (2018)

We argued in a Talanoa Dialogue submission for an understanding of the science and its equity implications; the immediate embrace of 'no-regrets', ecosystem-and food-system-based solutions; lifestyle changes necessary to keep within key planetary boundaries; and heightened national commitments to meet the climate challenge.

Climate Action in the Land Sector: Treading Carefully (2017)

In 2017 we published a set of ambitious climate actions in the land sector for consideration in UNFCCC negotiations, with the aim of strengthening implementation of Paris Agreement and other UNFCCC commitments.. CLARA is in dialogue with national negotiators and civil society groups, as to how climate action can and must work for communities and the land.

Principles for Land Use in the Paris Agreement (2015)

We developed a set of ‘Principles for Land Use in the Paris Agreement’. The principals provided the basis for solidarity and joint strategy amongst groups committed to land and food justice in the context of climate change and ongoing climate negotiations.