NY Climate Action Summit Submissions - Engage with the Nature-Based Solutions workstream

19 April 

At the end of COP24 in Katowice, United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres said he had five priorities for 2019: “ambition, ambition, ambition, ambition, and ambition.”  He noted the gap between what the IPCC Special Report on the 1.5°C temperature goal requires, and the pledges already made in ‘nationally determined contributions’.

Secretary General Guterres is convening a ‘Climate Action Summit’ in New York, on September 23, 2019.  Nine workstreams feed into the Summit.  One of these is ‘Nature Based Solutions’ – described as:

how we can use natural systems to mitigate and adapt to climate change and enable all people and communities to strengthen the connection to nature…. investment in nature-based solutions will have major benefits for people’s livelihoods and wellbeing as well as for ecosystem health and biodiversity. 

David Nabarro is the primary facilitator for this NBS Workstream.  All workstream facilitators are seeking input to the Summit in the form of specific Climate Actions.  As a partner in this effort, CLARA has posted below a link to the UN paper, ‘Engaging with the Nature-Based Solutions coalition for the Climate Action Summit’.   The initial deadline for submissions is 26 April!